All the free online course platforms that provide certificates for free

Besides free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) there are also corporate or non-profit organizations that have created online course selections available for free to anyone. Providing you also with free certifications for completing their courses.

If you are interested in the many aspects of digital media or learning to code you are in luck as there is quite a lot on the internet available for free. The recommendations here are also curated to contain only non-paywalled options. This allows, you, the learner engage with the learning platforms without any costly hindrances. You'll also get something to remember with a certificate.

These courses also tend to focus on central parts of the digital world. As they analyze and break down ideas that you can most likely apply into your own internet experience. They also manage to offer thought-provoking viewpoints as the topics are quite close to everyday reality. If you are in any way connected to for example social media, digital business or even just to a search engine.

To have the opportunity of increasing your knowledge for free is quite rare. To be told of free courses and certificates is then common even for course providers of whom too many like to advertise their courses as being free. While access to course content is only free as long as you pay for certificates and the course itself.

At least there is some hope with corporations and non-profit organizations also creating courses besides the truly free MOOCs. Even if the majority of universities or most online course platforms do not see value or benefit in creating truly free learning. Below are all the online course platforms that provide their learning and certificates for free.

Free Learning Platforms

Grow with Google

Learn business and online skills

For those interested in social media, marketing and e-commerce skills gained through an analytical approach.

Grow with Google 

HubSpot Academy

Digital Marketing

Certificate courses that deal with digital content marketing.

HubSpot Academy 


Free Digital Upgrades

FutureLearn has free courses under the label Free Digital Upgrades.

Interestingly enough you can take courses from the Lego Foundation, Tommy Hilfiger and Samsung.

Free Digital Upgrades 

UN CC: E-learn

United Nations

All the United Nations courses dealing with climate change.


Open WHO

World Health Organization

All the health-related courses from the World Health Organization.

Open WHO 

Cognitive Class


IBM has created a platform where you can learn about all of the groundbreaking technological developments in the creation of internet.

Cognitive Class 

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp, Inc

Learn coding and all its different aspects for free by building things.


The Odin Project

Open Source

Learn full-stack programming.

The Odin Project