Free MOOCs is for students all over the world. The site gives you an up-to-date look into global MOOC ECTS courses that are open, online and free for everyone. The courses are arranged by Finnish universities. Every course is available in English.

Free MOOCs is an international spin-off of the original Finnish site Nopat.me. Nopat.me gathers knowledge about easy ECTS credits courses from all over Finland. That information is now brought to you in English also.

Recommendations on both sites are mainly based on suggestions by university students for easy ECTS courses gathered from the social media app Jodel over the last 365 days. The recommendations mentioned by students, all over Finland, are then turned into a more accessible informational website. From where everyone can learn of all the available easy courses right away.

Free MOOCs hopes to increase knowledge of local, yet global ECTS MOOC courses all over the world. Easing access to knowledge, Free MOOCs gives you an instant overview of the future of online education.