Free Programming MOOC courses

If you are interested in learning programming you are in the right place as MOOCs are a very popular way to learn. For free of course, as these MOOCs do not have the usual paywalls or demands for subscription if you want to complete the course proper.

There are both beginner-level and more advanced courses for you to choose. Both of the options give you an glimpse into studying programming at a university level.

There is a yearly edition for each of the programming courses running. The yearly update sets them apart from MOOCs that are made from the beginning to last the test of time.

For example the Introduction to Programming course has gathered a huge audience of learners in both Finland and internationally. Previously the same, yearly-updating MOOC course was even used in the application process of university of Helsinki. So the influence of some of the courses is already quite far-flowing.

There is a selection of different programming languages to try out. Most of them introduce and teach key concepts to current-day programming. 

Programming MOOC Courses

 5 ECTS credits

Introduction to programming

Python programming MOOC

A beginner-level course.


Created by the agile research group (RAGE) of the University of Helsinki. Which specializes in data-driven continuous improvement in education.

Programming MOOC 

 5 ECTS credits

Advanced Course to Programming

Python programming MOOC

One more from Reaktor and the University of Helsinki.

Building AI 

 5-13 ECTS credits

Full Stack Open

An introduction to modern web application development with JavaScript


Translated into Chinese and Spanish also.

Created by the University of Helsinki.

The course area is designed by the digital service company Houston Inc.

Full Stack Open 

 5+5 ECTS credits

Haskell MOOC

An introduction to functional programming


Aimed at beginner-level but you probably should know programming through another programming language first.

Design from the IT company Nitor.

Haskell MOOC 

 5 ECTS credits

Web Software Development

Understanding web applications


From Aalto University, the main technical university in capital region of Helsinki.


Java Programming I & II

Basics of computer programming


A legacy course that you can still undertake for learning. Surpassed by the Introduction to Programming if you are looking for a ECTS credits course.

Java Programming