Free MOOC platforms

Finding actually free MOOC courses has never been easier. As some universities are taking the next step in free education for all by creating ECTS credits eligible courses in multitude.

By providing truly open access to learning hopefully, the following educators have set a new standard in how to arrange easy-to-access MOOC courses. As there are not any paywalls. Only learning.

Courses with quick and easy access are also valued by students all over the world for their simplicity. The 24/7, always-available nature of MOOC courses allows for a more fluid study experience all around for you are not hindered by timetables. As you became a master of your time and education.

Below are all the education platforms that specialize in free and easy-to-access MOOC courses. Allowing you to study whenever you want. Whatever you want.


FITech mostly has courses of technical nature. From programming MOOCs to cyber security, Finnish technical universities provide plenty of free courses to learn from.

FItech also has a good array of business MOOCs available. For example the Business Applications of Blockchain is a very popular course among Finnish students. The Starting Up MOOC on the other hand takes a look into the inner workings of the current day start-up culture.

Special of FiTech is their beginner-friendly 101 MOOC Courses. Those are a good starting point whether you are interested in learning programming or

The Elements of AI course of may be the most famous international MOOC. It has garnered recognition and students from all over the world. And it was made by, which is operated by the department of computer science at the University of Helsinki.

So if you have already completed Elements of AI and wondered if there are other courses similar to it you might be glad to know there are. For courses of similar structure and independent platforms have become the gold standard for free MOOCs.

The courses of concentrate on artificial intelligence and programming. Especially the follow-up AI courses to Elements of AI, Building AI and Ethics of AI, have become popular. But is also a good place to study programming also.


DigiCampus might become the most important free MOOC platform one day. For they combine a network of universities that do not limit their popularity by dealing mainly with technical courses.

Ironically the technical set-up of the DigiCampus platform is what hinders the popularity of DigiCampus most. The experience of using the site for MOOCs is not as intuitive and easy to access as has already been proven as the gold standard with more popular MOOC platforms.

Someone at DigiCampus even had the idea of naming local, non-MOOCs as MOOC courses. As in Massive Open Online Course, but not really. Which is the usual worldwide MOOC experience apart from these actually free and easy-to-access MOOC platforms.

So DigiCampus would need a heavy redesign in order to become a world wide main line MOOC platform. The more centralized course outlets have already shown the way in making MOOCs very accessible. Why reinvent the wheel.

JYU Online Courses

The Open University of Jyväskylä has gained popularity among Finnish students with their planetary well-being MOOCs. 

The platform is rather hard to navigate. You cannot really tell which of them are free MOOC courses. The courses available in either Finnish or in English too are mixed so not the best experience.

That collection of planetary well-being MOOCs is what is setting the beginning for the platform to be noted among MOOC enthusiasts. So it is a good start at least. 

MOOC Platforms


Various technical MOOC-courses

Provided by a network of universities of technology in Finland.


Technical MOOC-courses

Brought to you by the University of Helsinki's Department of Computer Science.



Some of the courses are open for all MOOC Courses

Digicampus combines various Finnish universities into one MOOC platform.


JYU Online Courses

Some free Open University courses

The Open University of Jyväskylä has created some international open for all and free MOOCs.

JYU Online Courses