Free Cybersecurity MOOC courses

Cyber Security has become a central topic for discussion in Finland. For that to happen it didn't take more than people's private health records leaking and money being transferred away from their bank accounts in a couple of well-publicized breaches.

So perhaps beyond the courses dealing with technical knowledge of cyber security, there could be now demand for more down-to-earth-style of courses similar to those there already are in theme of artificial intelligence. But currently, the MOOCs dealing with this theme are mostly organized around technical viewpoints.

All of the different courses in cyber security are organized under the banner of Cyber Security Base. Which consists of multiple courses, taking you further into cyber security by each step.

Introduction to Cyber Security is the closest MOOC similar to the easy AI MOOCs out of its selection. But as it is part of a larger whole of more technical-natured courses it is hard to see the course gaining such popularity.

Similar to programming courses, the mainline cyber security courses also update each year with a new edition. Which most likely does not mean drastic changes to the content. Rather the yearly updates are about perfecting the content based on feedback. Perhaps even adding new modules.

Cyber Security MOOC Courses

Introduction to Cyber Security

Relevant issues in cyber security

Part one of the Cyber Security Base super MOOC.

Securing Software

Security issues related to interconnected software

Familiarity with Python programming is assumed of you.

Cyber Security Project I

Construct software with security flaws and fix them

Create a web application.


Cyber Security Project II

Securing operating system


Cyber Security Advanced Topics

Higher level understanding of topical cyber security issues

Continuation to the introduction with previous knowledge of Python programming language assumed.

  10 ECTS credits

Cyber Security Base

Core knowledge and abilities of a cyber security professional

Consists of multiple, smaller theme courses combined into one super MOOC.

Programming assignments, essays, quizzes and puzzles.

The course is created by the Agile Education research group of the University of Helsinki.

Cyber Security Base was made in collaboration with the internet security company F-Secure.

Cyber Security Base