Free CampusOnline Courses for AMK students

Those studying in Finnish ammattikorkeakoulu, the university of applied sciences, besides MOOCs you can take for free also the CampusOnline online courses. Which for non-AMK students unfortunately are not free.

Beyond the restricted access, CampusOnline courses are quite similar to proper online MOOC learning. As they consist of multiple-answer quizzes and are easy to access. With quite topical themes also.

AMK students can of course complete regular MOOCs to their degree. As they also provide easy credits.

Below are some of the courses recommended by students in Finland whose search for easy credits led soon to them. All are available in English.

Including Campus Online studies into the easy MOOC credits phenomenon selection is quite recent. As before there was hardly any discussion around easy AMK online courses which meant that there was also about zero suggestions for easy courses. There are already some recommendations but maybe more can be found in the future if word of easy credits courses spreads.

Easy AMK Online Courses


Excel 365 Basics

Basic worksheets and workbooks


Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Basics of Instagram for Marketing


The Online Study Portal of Finnish AMK's

Multiple choice quizzes.